New Residential Construction Inspections

Owners who are building their own new home may want periodic construction progress inspections for assurance that their General Contractor is building their home according to all the architectural plans, specifications, schedules, and other contract documents required. If there is a construction loan or mortgage lender involved, they most certainly will want an independent 3rd party inspector monitoring construction compliance and approving construction draw payments. T/B/K’s certified home inspector who also holds a general contractor’s license with over 45 years experience makes us an ideal choice to help protect owners and lenders alike.

Existing Homes Inspections

The reason for the home inspection is to provide a professional 3rd party opinion of the condition of the property inspected. This can be inspection of an existing home to help determine its condition for a prospective buyer, or a seller may want a current inspection report to show prospective buyers what good shape the property is in.

As a certified home inspector, the home inspection typically covers the (10) major elements/systems in a house.  These include:

  • structure
  • foundation
  • roof
  • exterior
  • plumbing
  • heat and air conditioning
  • electrical
  • interiors
  • doors/windows
  • appliances

The following services are available to meet this goal:

  • Home inspection services for the purchase of existing homes and condos (buyer).
  • Home inspection services for realtor listings of homes and condos (seller).
  • Final inspection walk thru with buyers of new homes/condos.
  • Inspect for monitoring the building of new homes during the construction process representing the owner.
  • Inspection to verify the status of completion of construction for the disbursement of the construction funds by the owner and lender.